We All Landed on the Moon.

Posted: July 15, 2019

This weekend on July 20th, we celebrate one of the most celebrated accomplishments in human history—the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 when humans landed on the moon.  Three men took the journey and two stepped foot on our moon’s surface, representing the cumulation of human technology and many of our dreams.  They showed us what team work, drive and ambition can achieve.  What was surprising, or not,  was that it wasn’t just a dream for America, it was a dream achieved for humanity. Those men set a new bar for us and set up a new path for our dreams.

Today, many new undertakings are pushing the envelope to make that dream of space exploration even bigger AND more realistic.  In the next 50 years, we can expect to see a new crew of astronauts – both men and women – land on the moon. We can expect to see the start of new space facilities orbiting in cis-lunar space and lunar orbit. We will even get to see a crewed mission to Mars.

These endeavors will not be achieved without the many contributions of companies that have roots here in Colorado. Companies small and large, new and legacy are all making sure that we cooperate to make those big dreams come true.  This is evidenced by Colorado companies receiving over 30 SBIR grants in 2019. CSBR members such as AMPTRoccorRed Canyon Software, and Advanced Space are on that list. Colorado prime contractors are leading the way creating avenue for small companies all over the state to become part of their supply chain. All of these activities, are part of the bigger picture of space exploration. It takes a lot to get humans into space and to make the space economy thrive. At CSBR we are proud to facilitate the pieces of the dream for humanity’s future in space.

Alires Almon

Chair, Colorado Space Business Roundtable