Aerospace States Association Annual Meeting

Posted: August 5, 2019

Colorado is a member of the Aerospace States Association. ASA is an organization of state Lieutenant Governors, Governor appointed delegates, State Legislators and associate members from the aerospace industry, academia, and non-profit organizations. ASA brings together aviation and aerospace interests across each state to educate state legislators on issues specific to their state and provide networking opportunities to grow jobs and expand economic development. As leaders in our state governments, ASA members not only impact policy at the state level, but also at the federal level, by informing our congressional delegations on aerospace priorities.

We have a strong presence within the organization. Colorado’s Lt. Governor Diana Primavera was elected as vice-chair of the overall ASA Organization, while the Colorado State organization is made up of three vice-chairs: Colorado Space Business Roundtable, Colorado Space Coalition, and Citizens for Space Exploration. With several Colorado members chairing committees such as Joe Rice of Lockheed Martin, who is the chair of the Policy Committee.

This year, the annual meeting was hosted by the state of Alabama.  During the annual summit, attendees toured NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and Colorado headquartered ULA rocket factory. Key Policy issues that were discussed included workforce development, state Spaceport updates, and legislative strategies to support the growth of the aerospace industry.  Colorado will be the host of the 2020 annual policy meeting. We look forward to sharing the Colorado experience with our fellow ASA members.

Check out the highlights, pictures and presentations from the 2019 Annual Meeting and Sate Aerospace Policy Summit.