Notes from the Chair…

Posted: Nov. 18, 2019

If you ever wonder why Colorado is big in aerospace, look no further than this Denver Business Journal article which highlights the biggest contracts in 2019. Ball Aerospace, Raytheon, Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin and others received billions in funding for the year. It’s not just the recipient companies that benefit, but the supply chain that supports those companies. Across the state, small and medium size business and start-ups too, all create this ecosystem which puts Colorado at #2 in the overall Aerospace industry in the US. Not to mention, much of human-rate space flight development is happening in our own backyards. Just want you to know, we are knocking on the door California!

Next month, Colorado Space Business Roundtable will host its biggest event – The CSBR Round Up on Wednesday, December 4th at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. You will have the opportunity to meet and hear first-hand from those that are supporting NASA’s return to the moon and beyond. For the last 16 years, we have brought you insights and experts on the state of Aerospace in Colorado.

Colorado, we are on the move!

Alires Almon
Chair, Colorado Space Business Roundtable.