Looking Ahead….Way Ahead

Posted: Dec. 31, 2019

As we prepare for the year and decade ahead, great things await our industry and society as a whole.  Space exploration will take humanity back to old places (ISS and the Moon) and prepare to go further than we ever have before (Mars and beyond).  It is now that we must think about our pathways to the future as our work today will influence the direction and success of those efforts.  Each of these resources provides you with a different lens, hopefully one that opens your eyes a bit wider.  

Space Foundation  - Space Report
An online searchable resource for data and information about the space industry. 

New Space Report – Lloyds of London
It is important to see the space ecosystem from other points of view.   Space is a global effort. While it may not be new to you, it is interesting to see where other countries are on their understanding of space and how they define ‘new space’.

2060  - The Future of Space – The US Air Force
Scenarios that outline the possibilities about the impact of space exploration and the decisions to ensure our goals are met. (Recommended by USAF  Col. Jack Fischer at our 2019 CSBR Space Round Up)