Notes from the Chair…

Posted: Jan. 2, 2020

A new year is upon us! 

Last year was an incredible year for the aerospace & defense industry in Colorado. Space Command was established in Colorado Springs, Co., and an all woman space-walk occurred with their space suits supported by research innovations developed at CU Boulder. NASA continues to be on track with the Artemis mission planning. In addition, Colorado-based small companies continued to grow and be recognized both nationally and globally, companies such as  Advanced Space, Roccor, York Space Systems, Oakman Aerospace, and Red Canyon Software. Colorado companies received over 31 SBIR grants in 2019, which put us in the top 3 states receiving SBIR grants. 

With our many successes, there are still ongoing challenges to overcome  - workforce pipeline and diversity needs must be addressed to ensure we are successful and continue to engender our community. Our aerospace economy will continue to create a workforce demand and we must welcome those who are trained and have the desire to contribute to the success of this ecosystem.

In the coming year Colorado will be host to the Aerospace States Association Policy meeting, which is co-Chaired by our own Lt. Governor Diane Primavera. The meeting creates an opportunity for our members and partners to showcase our efforts here in Colorado. The Colorado chapter is lead by the Lt. Governor as well as the Colorado Vice-Chair organizations – Colorado Space Coalition, CSBR, and Citizens for Space Exploration.

CSBR continues to be a part of the Colorado aerospace ecosystem and a supporter of all of our space business entities. Whether they are academic, industry or defense or if their size is large, medium, or small. We look forward to another successful year for us all!

Engage, Connect & Thrive!






Alires Almon

Chair, Colorado Space Business Roundtable