Notes from the Chair

Dear CSBR Members,

First, we hope you are safe and healthy wherever you are. As the evolution of this health crisis starts to settle in on our lives, we want to make sure that we provide you with information for your business as you work to maintain its health during this crisis.

This crisis situation has put a strain on all aspects of our lives, and our business lives are no exception. Amid the eventuality of Shelter in Place order for the state of Colorado, CSBR, CSC and other Aerospace and Defense organizations have advocated to allow an exemption for aerospace and defense related organizations. We believe it is a matter of economic viability as well as national security.

Working in the Aerospace and Defense industries, we know about the long game. Not only does Colorado Space Business Roundtable support our state, be we support our nation and our global partners. This pandemic, while critical and crucial, will eventually end and we will be the stronger for our experience. Our industry is part of the past, the present, and will be there for the future. CSBR will be here for members and partners to ensure our ecosystem will be here.

Take Care and Stay Healthy, our future awaits us.

Alires Almon
Chair, Colorado Space Business Roundtable.