Colorado Aerospace In The News

York Space Systems Opens Up New Manufacturing Facility 


York Space Systems announced the opening May 19 of its new manufacturing facility in Denver, a key step in the firm’s campaign to expand mass manufacturing of small satellites.

Since York was founded in 2015, company leaders have shared their goal of making satellites more like consumer electronics, which tend to become increasingly capable and inexpensive thanks to miniaturization and mass production.

“This year, we will improve the performance and the price is going to come down,” York Executive Chairman Chuck Beames told SpaceNews. “Our platform is becoming much more capable.”

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Ball Aerospace donates $100,000 to Hunger-Free Colorado

Ball Aerospace, a subsidiary of Ball Corporation, donated $100,000 to support Hunger Free Colorado’s COVID-19 pandemic response. This generous donation will support Hunger Free Colorado in helping the increasing number of Coloradans suffering from economic loss, as a result of COVID-19, by connecting them to nutritious food and crucial federal nutrition programs.

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