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SNC's Dream Chaser Spacecraft Primary Structure Arrives in Colorado

Press Release From: Sierra Nevada Corporation

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), the global aerospace and national security leader owned by Chairwoman and President Eren Ozmen and CEO Fatih Ozmen, announces the arrival of the primary vehicle structure to the company’s Colorado production facility, kicking off full assembly of the Dream Chaser® spacecraft ahead of its first mission for NASA in 2021. The structure is the largest piece of technology to make up Dream Chaser and the most advanced high-temperature composite spaceframe ever built.

“It’s an extraordinary engineering and manufacturing accomplishment,” said Eren Ozmen, chairwoman and president of SNC. “Our team has been looking forward to this day for a long time so that we can fully assemble America’s spaceplane in preparation for its first mission for NASA.”

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NASA Funds CubeSat Pathfinder Mission to Unique Lunar Orbit

NASA has awarded a $13.7 million contract to Advanced Space of Boulder, Colorado, to develop and operate a CubeSat mission to the same lunar orbit targeted for Gateway – an orbiting outpost astronauts will visit before descending to the surface of the Moon in a landing system as part of NASA’s Artemis program.

The Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment (CAPSTONE) is expected to be the first spacecraft to operate in a near rectilinear halo orbit around the Moon. In this unique orbit, the CubeSat will rotate together with the Moon as it orbits Earth and will pass as close as 1,000 miles and as far as 43,500 miles from the lunar surface.

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NASA Announces Contract to Lockheed Martin

NASA announced Sept. 23 it was awarding a contract to Lockheed Martin for long-term production of the Orion spacecraft, covering as many as 12 spacecraft that would meet NASA’s anticipated needs into the 2030s.

The Orion Production and Operations Contract includes an initial order of three Orion spacecraft, for missions Artemis 3, 4 and 5, for $2.7 billion. NASA plans to purchase three more Orion spacecraft, for Artemis 6, 7 and 8, in 2022 for $1.9 billion. Those spacecraft will be ordered under cost-plus contracts.

The contract includes the option for up to six additional Orion spacecraft ordered through September 2030. Those will be ordered under firm-fixed-price contracts, with the price set based on cost data from the previous six Orion spacecraft.

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Reaction Engines Announces a collaboration with French Space Agency

Reaction Engines, which has a test facility at the Colorado Air and SpacePort, is delighted to announce a collaboration with the French Space Agency, the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) and the UK Space Agency to work together on a joint study to investigate the impact of air-breathing propulsion systems on future space launch architectures. ONERA the French Aerospace Lab has been also associated to this study.

The study, carried out under the 2011 Framework Agreement for Reinforced Cooperation in Space Activities put in place between CNES and the UK Space Agency, commenced in 2018 and is due to complete towards the end of this year. An initial presentation of the assessment will be provided at the 2019 EUCASS Conference taking place in Madrid in July 2019.

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CSBR Aerospace Exchange – Tuesday, October 22

Please join us for a networking opportunity!

This event is an opportunity to meet with the international executive leadership of Colorado Air and Space Port and learn more about their company and their role in aerospace.

Register here.


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