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AIAA provides policy guidance amid COVID-19 

American Institute of Aviation and Aerospace (AIAA) has issued a statement to call upon U.S. policymakers to protect the mission-critical aerospace and defense workforce and supply chain. Here in the United States, the aerospace and defense industry supports more than 2.5 million jobs and 17,000 suppliers from large manufacturers to small businesses that form the backbone of the supply chain. It represents more than $928 billion in economic output for the United States and more than $237 billion in wages. Aerospace has improved our quality of life by transforming transportation, medicine, defense, and security, among other things. We call on federal government officials and lawmakers to be mindful of and support the aerospace and defense industry during this challenging time.

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Event Updates 

36th Annual Space Symposium will be postponed to a later date in 2020.

The Space Foundation team working with stakeholders, partners and vendors continues to move forward with its rescheduling efforts for the 36th Space Symposium. We expect to announce a new date and related details for the Space Symposium by the end of March. As we move forward with those efforts, we continue to respond to numerous inquiries that come into us regarding Symposium registrations and related issues. Like most operations in the world, all of our team members are working from remote locations because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We are dedicated to responding to each and every inquiry and ask for your patience as we answer those questions.


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Things to keep your spirits up! 

Behind the Wings – Season 2 premiered on Rocky Mountain PBS. For those of you seeking a respite from current news feeds, this series - produced by Wings Over the Rockies - will provide a fascinating and welcome respite! You can find more info on the series schedule and opportunities to support Wings Over the Rockies’ education programs here.

- Shared by Vicky Lea, Director Aerospace and Aviation, Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce.


The March issue of Colorado Aerospace STEM Magazine Has Been Released

Posted: March 13, 2020

The newest issue of the Colorado Aerospace STEM magazine has been released. View the March issue online here.

The monthly e-magazine is free for all educators, students, and parents and is just for Colorado. There are opportunities for content submission and advertising. The Colorado Aerospace STEM Magazine goes out the first week of each month. Advertisements are due by the 15th of the month.

Interested in a sponsorship? Have more questions? Email: [email protected]

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